And we're back

As you've probably heard, Blizzard put an end to the speculations about progressive itemization in Classic and the TL;DR is that we're getting item gating per phase but the item stats will all be in their 1.12 state. While I strongly disagree with their decision as evident by the site going into mourning mode for the past ~24 hours, I will keep it up and keep maintaining it for the community both for historical purposes and for searching and filtering per-phase items.

For now the only change I've made is that has/with/is will only search the final version of the item instead of considering all the versions like it did before. Once we start getting more information about exact nature of per-phase item gating (since this is also not 100% clear as evident by this twitter thread) I will make the necessary modifications to be as accurate as possible. For now, the phases and gating are still vanilla-like, meaning some T2 still drops in MC pre-1.4, the 1.5 MC drops are not available in early phases, etc.

As for other future updates; I've been working on a little query builder UI that will let you select mods/stats/etc. with multi-select dropdowns instead of having to type all the search operators by hand. A little preview:

I encourage everyone to submit feedback with bug reports/suggestions/etc. in the GitHub Issues located over here.