search operatordescription
slot:[slot]return items that fit in the specified equipment slot
slot:head, slot:'main hand', slot:finger, etc.
type:[armor|weapon]return items of the specified type
type:armor or type:weapon
subtype:[armor-subtype|weapon-subtype]return items of the specified subtype
subtype:plate, subtype:cloth, subtype:axe, etc.
has:[stat|mod], with:[stat|mod]return items with the specified mod (has=AND, with=OR)
has:hit, has:crit, has:spellhit, has:defense, etc.
is:[kind]return items that are of the specified kind
is:bop, is:epic, is:blue, is:unique, etc.
set:[set-name]return items that are part of the specified item set
set:wrath, set:"warlord's battlegear", etc.
usable:[class]return items that are usable by the specified class
usable:warrior, usable:rogue, etc.
class:[class]return items that are restricted to the specified class
class:warrior, class:rogue, etc.
added:[patch]return items that were added in the specified patch
added:1.10, added:1.9, etc.
updated:[patch]return items that were updated in the specified patch
updated:1.10, updated:1.9, etc.
patch:[patch]return items that were added or updated in the specified patch
updated:1.10, updated:1.9, etc.
phase:[1-6]return items that exist in the specified classic phase
phase:1, phase:3, etc.
source:[npc|quest|vendor|container|zone]return items that originate from the specified source
source:nefarian, source:naxxramas, etc.
effect:[text]return items that contain 'text' in their effect descriptions
effect:armor, effect:'nature damage', etc.
minlevel:[level], maxlevel[level]return items that match the specified required level criterias
minlevel:60, maxlevel:29, etc.
sort:[stat|mod|dps|speed|name|lvl|ilvl|armor]sort results by the specified category (sortasc for ascending)
sort:dps, sort:strength, sort:defense, etc.
slothead, neck, shoulders, shirt, chest, waist, legs, feet, wrists, hands, finger, trinket, one-hand, shield, ranged, back, two-hand, 'main hand', 'off hand', 'held in off-hand', quiver, relic
armor-subtypecloth, leather, mail, plate
weapon-subtypeaxe, mace, sword, dagger, fist, polearm, crossbow, bow, gun, staff, wand, thrown
statstr/strength, agi/agility, int/intellect, spi/spirit, sta/stam/stamina
kindboe, bop, unique, legendary, epic/purple, rare/blue, uncommon/green, common/white, poor/grey/gray
modparry, dodge, block/blockvalue, blockchance, hit, crit, defense, armor, arp, extraattacks, thorns, ap, fap, rap, spellhit, spellpen, spellcrit, spelldmg, firedmg, shadowdmg, frostdmg, arcanedmg, naturedmg, healing, hp5, mp5, axes, 2haxes, maces, 2hmaces, swords, 2hswords, daggers, unarmed, polearms, crossbows, bows, guns, fireres, natureres, frostres, shadowres, arcaneres